Get the Water Back on at Your Home

Get the Water Back on at Your Home

Trust our plumbers to repair your well in Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC

If you have a well on your property and you're not getting water like you should, you need a professional to inspect it and find the root of the problem quickly. Thankfully, that's exactly what Preicision Plumbing Company is here for. Our talented plumbing technicians can fix issues with your:
  • Bladder tank
  • Power Source
  • Well water pump
  • Switch
  • Water lines

No matter the problem, the skilled plumbers at Precision Plumbing Company can get your water back on ASAP. Call 803-328-2814 as soon as you notice issues with your well pump.

3 signs you need to repair your well

Not sure if your well needs repairs? Here are a few tell tale sings to look out for:
1. You don't have any water. The problem could originate in your pipes or faucets, but it's likely that it starts in the well.
2. Your well pump runs constantly. This usually means that there is a hole in the drop pipe in the well.
3. Your water is pulsating. When this happens, it can damage your piping.

Are any of these warning signs happening at your Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte, NC home? If so, it's time to call in the pros. Contact Precision Plumbing Company to repair your well right away.